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“I have known Jessica for over five (5) years, and she has proven to be an organized, determined, and hard-working individual. We have worked together with a national volunteer organization and she was incredible at planning and working with deadlines and budgets far better than many people that do events for a profession. She is an individual that you can give a task and walk away, she will come back with a schedule, plans, and budget requirements. When you manage several programs and individuals, this type of person is an incredible gift. When we would begin a year of service, she would have her year planned, with suspense items and details for the entire year until each program came to fruition. A few times, she had to get creative because of budget restrictions or location issues but she was particularly good at problem-solving and the program would go on. She is dedicated and thorough and we are grateful for her service and look forward to future collaborations.”

– Robin DeVault

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jessica for four (4) years. Her profound knowledge coupled with her on time delivery and professional customer service is what keeps my nonprofit coming back. Jessica has helped me with the creation of flyers, designed merchandise for events, updating my newsletters, provides me with administrative work advise, recommendations and proposals. Jessica’s organizational skills, without question has definitely kept me on point and organized with my daily taskings. It is indeed always a pleasure to visit Jessica’s business for quality service that I will soon not forget. “I enthusiastically, highly recommend her.”

– Annie Thompson

“Jessica has been helping me with my nonprofit for a few years now. She has helped me build a website, an online store, create flyers, designed merchandise, all kinds of administrative work, and more. She helped me get organized and adopt certain procedures that helped me stay on task. Jessica is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.”

– Daniella McClutchy

“Jessica has designed graphics that were needed for our charitable organization. She’s listens to recommendations and also very creative in her designs. She also has been able to produce them in a timely manner.”

– Alicia Willis